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To Our Canadian Troops Commemorative CD: GUESTBOOK OR CONTACT

Exeter Elementary School

November 25, 2014

Dear Dennis Leclair,

We really liked your song “To Our Canadian Troops”. There were different dynamics to make this very very interesting. We really liked the end of the song because the words were very clear and we sang it louder than the rest of the song. It had a
lot of meaning for us and it showed us how proud we are when singing the chorus. Karlee says that it helps us all to remember how others fight so that we can be free.

A lot of us could connect to the song on a personal level. It reminds Leah of her Opa who died near Remembrance Day. For William it brings back memories of ancestors who fought in World Wars I and II. Olivia made a connection to a book about a man
coming back from the war to his family. Ella thinks of her dad when she sings the song as her dad is far away. Paige’s, Sydnee’s and Nathan’s connection is that their great-grandfathers and neighbours fought and died in wars. Will, Michael and
Brayden think of their two great- grandfathers who fought but survived only to die shortly after the war. Keera says it reminds her of a war story from home and a poem that says “they gave their yesterday for our today”.

Thank you.

From Mr. Gackstetter’s grade 4 class
Exeter Elementary School
Exeter, Ontario

Andre Raymond Sabourin

July 24, 2014

i wanna say thank you i tried to get into the Military 3 times but my health made it not possible so thank you for keeping us safe & free

Alphonse Duperre

July 23, 2014

J'ai trouver ce dossier super ,merci de me l'avoir fait parvenir les infos.

Pauline Weninger

June 11, 2014

What a wonderful song to bring respect, warm wishes and hope to our troops.

Jacqueline McDonald

October 27, 2013

This is lovely. Sitting here in tears. My son Private Sean Gordon McDonald was taken by an I.E.D on feb 7th 2010. Still feels like yesterday. He was born in Toronto. I'm so proud of him he had duel nationality and chose to join the Military. God bless all your troops past and present. You do a fantastic job boys.
Jacquie McDonald


October 25, 2013

Thank you.

Alfe Duhamel CPO2 Canadian Navy (retired)

December 16, 2012

I recently met Dennis playing sports and enjoying our freedom. He shared this website and a CD with me. Thanks for doing this project Dennis.

Craig A. McPhee Founder/President Wreaths Across Canada Inc.

November 27, 2012

Purchased "TO OUR CANADIAN TROOPS" DVD about seven months ago. Play it all the time in my van. Dennis, you are to be commended on being an artist in designing this outstanding DVD that has great music for all ages to listen to, which brings back memories the the past and the present. Thank-you.


April 24, 2012

Thank you for sharing this with me Dennis. What an awesome tribute to our Troops. It has been three years since we lost Mark....and it seems like only three months. Anything that helps people remember the sacrifice...remember the certainly worthwhile. Perhaps we will be able to attend this festival in November!

Craig McPhee , Founder and President -Wreaths Across Canada

April 23, 2012

Hi Dennis:
Congradulatins are in order to you Dennis for all the time and effort you have put into Commemorative CD. This is the first I have ever heard of your projcect. Please don't get upset. I started W.A.C. in 2007, and still heavily involved in paper work. plua spending many hours on the computer - time just flies bye. Just got three new people on the Board of Directors. Over time, my work load will be reduced. Our inauguration was 4 Dec 11 at the National Military Cemetery at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. Newfoundland is well on their way to becoming a Branch, Notre Dame Cemetery in Ottawa want's to get involved, have another person in B.C. working on getting volunteers together to form a Branch on the west coast. This will go across Canada.
Great to hear from you, and keep up the good work. Take care, keep in touch.
Craig A. McPhee
Founder and President
Warrant Officer (Ret'd)
Wreaths Across Canada


January 1, 2012

Hi Dennis,
When I first heard of "To Our Canadian Troops" my son had returned from Afghanistan. He is deployed again and I listen to this song once everyday. Thank you once again and Merry Christmas, Heather.

Anthony Towstego (Canadian Film and TV Producer )

December 29, 2011

Thank you Dennis. Your passion for the Vets and our forces transcends wonderfully. I only wished I could have added more of you and your music. Very proud to have you in and a part of our "Canada Remembers" documentary. The music raise sthe bar. Well done. Lets do another show in 2012! Tony

Lynda Zorn

December 15, 2011

Hi Dennis,
I have been following The Song's journey with keen interest. I find it interesting that my daughter is now principal at Anne McClymont. Such a small town, now such a big world for this song.
It is a priviledge to have been a tiny cog that helped start this big wheel rolling.


November 13, 2011

I am a friend of a soldier and it is good to see a song that supports our troops.

Rob Dorherty

November 13, 2011

Thanks for your efforts to help our troops.

Shirley Ralley

November 13, 2011

Hello Dennis

I watched the Canada Remembers show and want to thank you for your song. It has much meaning for my family.

Heather Auger

September 19, 2011

This is a fantastic CD and I highly recommend it. Thank you for all your hard word and effort.


September 11, 2011

Hello Dennis

I am a mother of a UK soldier. Thank you for your song and I hope that Canadian troops return home safe.

Delores Woodley

August 9, 2011

Thank you Dennis for all that you are doing to support our troops.


May 17, 2011

Just listened to the song again for the 1,000,014th time! Love it!!! Thinking of you and hope you are confirmed to play for the troops tribute in August.

Judy Klages

March 11, 2011

Thank you. My son PO2 Craig Blake was the first sailor lost in Afghanistan on May 3, 2010.


January 12, 2011

Thank you for your disk.
My son was killed in Afghanistan on 16 July 2009 and he deserves that we all remember him.

Thank you very much for doing your song for our troops.


January 10, 2011

J'ai reçu votre disque. Merci beaucoup c'est super. Mon fils Sébastien Courcy est décédé en Afghanistan le 16 juillet 2009 et il mérite que l'on pense à lui. Merci encore de faire cela pour nos troupes.

Bonnie Vickers

November 18, 2010

Mr. LeClair,

My choir and I were very pleased to perform your song "To Our Canadian Troops" at our recent Remembrance Day Ceremony. There were few dry eyes in the house as these young innocent voices wished our Canadian Troops "home safe." We will certainly continue to use this song for such occasions in the future. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Bonnie Vickers

Millerton School

NewBrunswick, Canada


November 18, 2010

Garry received CD yesterday and of course my ears were tuned in as well. Oh My, bone chilling on the heels of our tour through Korea. Thankyou again and again, we are so grateful for your support for the troops and their families. We need to be on our knees every day in Canada.


November 16, 2010

Hello Dennis:

I ordered the CD for my husband. Sunday evening Garry and I returned from Seoul South Korea, we were invited by the Korean government in coordination with Canada. Garry is a Korean veteran, he served on HMCS Iroquois in 1952. He lost three buddies on the ship on October 2nd 1952. This was the 60th anniversary of the Korean War and so we had many and memorable services of Remembrance.

How blessed we have been especially in Korea. Garry was also invited to lay the wreath in the United Nations Cemetery in Busan on behalf the Royal Canadian Navy. Thankyou so much for your part on behalf of the Canadian Troops.

Best Regards

Bert beek

November 16, 2010

Mr Leclair,

It is becuase of Canadians such as yourself and millions of others who have and continue to support our troops in foreign lands that this country remains to be the best place in the world to live.

from a former soldier and a father who has lost a son in Afghanistan (trooper Corey J. Hayes, 20 March 2009) I wish to thank you and all other Canadians for your continued support.

GOD Bless you all.

Bert Beek

lorna mclaughlin

November 11, 2010

We are so very very proud,and all your hard work. wishing all our troops a safe trip home. god bless, my prayers are with all the families.

lorna mclaughlin.2

Canada AM Staff

November 9, 2010

We at Canada AM appreciate all your hard work on this project and what
you are doing for our troops.


November 9, 2010

Thank you Dennis Leclair for this wonderful song. I thank you for thanking our troops with such a wonderful song. God Bless Our Troops.

Martin Dufour

November 3, 2010

Bonjour Mr Leclair

I am the service manager for the Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) in St-Jean, QC. Wayne Quinn sent me 9 CD of yours recently. I have distributed those to my staff who are currently helping bereaved families of soldiers who died in Afghanistan. They will be sending out your CD shortly in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I personnally wanted to thank you for your initiative, dedication and leadership in this project. I am sure those families will be thankful and thinking of you upon receiving the CD.

All the best.

Sincerly yours

Martin Dufour

Debbie Briet

October 26, 2010

"Dennis, you made me weep,lol when I saw you singing. You reminded me so much of my Dad. God Bless you my precious cousin. I love you and miss you, Debbie

Wanda Laplante

October 26, 2010

So Proud of You My Cousin,You are Truely Blessed and Your Blessing Sooo Many with this cd....HUGS FROM MY HEART...

Heather Garrison

October 26, 2010

"Dennis I have always admired and supported your tribute because you derive no monetary benefit from the sale of this CD and as a military mom who was missing her son and wishing him home safe YOU GET IT...all proceeds are donated to support the military families fund/hospital"

Julie Anne

October 26, 2010

Hi Dennis, I just took a quick look at the site you mentioned above. The song gave me goose bumps and chills up my spine. Thanks for taking the time to send the link to me. I will re-post it so others may see it. I have a few friends who I think will be interested in it as well. Including my friend who is in Afghanistan right now.

Millie Timbers

October 13, 2010

I listened to your CD to-day Dennis and I loved it. It is so very kind and generous of you to support our Troops in such a touching gesture. My brother Pte. Kenneth W.Norton was KIA in the Korean War Nov. 5, 1951 and I am so very proud that he is among the thousands and thousands who fought and are still fighting for freedom. We need to count our blessings that we have never had to endure what our Armed Forces face on a daily basis. God Bless each and everyone of them and may they never be forgotten. We will remeber them. Amen.

nilza de souza thiel

September 7, 2010



July 18, 2010

Hello Dennis

I got your CD. It was awesome and I gave one to my boss and she wanted me to tell you that head office is placing an order for our store .

Thanks for the support and the songs.


June 23, 2010

"Ok I just lisen to the who CD last night before going to bed and got up this morning and put it on again. You are right they should play your song in the Air Ports, Bases and Schools and Rememberance Day too. It is the best song ever I can't get enough of it what a good job you guys did. You wrote a really lovely song. Thank you so much you don't know how much this means to me.

Nadine and my whole family
and my husband Warrent Officer Stanford."


April 26, 2010

Hello Dennis,
It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I had a few moments to visit your website and am very impressed - what a wonderful song and what great honors you have had in presenting the CD to some great people! It's a good feeling to be able to Support Our Troops, isn't it?

Canadian RED Ribbon Forces

April 22, 2010

Hi Dennis, Great job showing support for our troops and families with the CD that say's so much! I learn more and more as I work with the troops what they are going through and every Canadian should be supporting them completely, whether people want them in Afghanistan or not. They are doing their duty, serving this Great Country. An important part of the Canadian way, our #1 team, our Canadian troops and their families!!!! Brian


April 19, 2010

My son has just returned from Afghanistan. I would like to thank you for your efforts, the song is wonderful.

Canadian RED Ribbon Forces

February 26, 2010

You folks are doing a great job with your CD when funds are going to our troops and their families, Go for it, Brian Goodfellow


January 28, 2010

God Bless to everyone putting their lives on the line everyday... please come home safe to your families. You are all Angels in disguise.

Lori Germain Crowe

January 26, 2010

As I write this my Step son in law is in Kandahar , Afghanistan representing Canada from Edmonton . I am also proud to say that I am from the town of Espanola Ontario a small town west of Sudbury and probably know of some of Dennis's relatives. ALthough I no longer live there I still get my Espanola Monitor and that is how I heard of this song you have written. It makes me proud to be Canadian and I hope the CD makes it big. I will definitely be purchasing one in the near future. Thanks Dennis for thinking of our troops. I will be sharing your web site with many friends and relatives.


January 25, 2010

My Father served in the Second World War and continued to serve our country until he retired after his last posting in Greenwood, Nova Scotia.

He is no longer with us but he was proud of what he did in his lifetime. Sending to all the men and women who serve this great country... thank you so much for what you do to keep us safe. :) Hugz. Paulina

linda Kennedy

January 20, 2010

Thank you to all our troops for putting their lives on the line every day, I pray that you can someday come home safe and sound to all your families, May God Bless you all and THANK YOU


January 17, 2010

I was able to listen to the entire commemorative CD yesterday while travelling to and from band rehearsal in Sackville. I enjoyed the recording very much and congratulate you on producing a very professional CD. As I've said before Heather's instrumental and vocal arrangements are top-notch and the Naden Band played them well. I hope the marketing goes well and would like to sincerely thank both of you, and any others involved in this project, for their efforts - there are not many in this country would be so passionate toward supporting the Canadian Forces, their families and Canadian Veterans.


January 16, 2010


I absoultly love the song!!!!

I heared it back in Novemeber and cried listening to it.
I visit your site often and share it with others.
Are you ever in Toronto?
If so let me know I would love to meet and have a tea/coffee with you.

Keep up the good work.


Carey Earl

January 5, 2010

I purchased the CD and was deeply moved when I heard the song. I was so moved that I plan to purchase the music arrangement and have it played at our Sea Cadet Annual in Kelowna in honor of our Canadian Soliders.

Dorothy Krusky

January 4, 2010

Hello Dennis,
I just purchased 2 CD's, the personal use one and I want you to make sure that the purchase went through at your end please. I decided to wait until the new year as it will be a perfect gift to give my sister in February. Thank you for the great work you are doing. I believe in supporting our troops, the media overseas and those who want to show our Canadian troops and their families that we are with them. So once again thank you!!

Dorothy Krusky


November 26, 2009

If To Our Troops was available when my son was deployed to Afghanistan, I would have been playing it everyday!"


November 25, 2009

Hi Dennis,

I heard about my project through my mom who watched the Remembrance Day ceremonies on CBC and CP24 a couple of weeks ago. She heard your song and saw the video (on one of the two channels; she can't remember which!) and she knew then that she wanted to purchase the CD, especially since the proceeds all go to a good cause. My younger brother also a member of the Canadian Forces; he's based in CFB Edmonton and was sent over to Afghanistan in March 2008. Fortunately, he came home safe and sound and I feel for those families who aren't as lucky as we are.

I have passed on your website to other friends and family in the hopes that the word will spread and more people will support your project.

As a family member with a loved one in the Canadian Forces, my folks and I would like to thank you for putting this CD together and making people aware of the important job that they do whether it's overseas or at home.


Heather Garrison

November 25, 2009

Hi Dennis,
Today I received your final commemorative tribute CD "To Our Canadian Soldiers." As a military mom, your expression of gratitude was heartwarming as were the messages from Honourable Peter MacKay, CDS Gen. Walt Natynczyk, Wilf Edmond, Dominion President of The Royal Canadian Legion, Reflections by Cap Heather Davis. I enjoyed listening to the instrumental version of the Naden Band of Maritime Forces Pacific.
God Bless your for caring!

Stacie Osborne

November 24, 2009

Thank you Dennis for a wonderful song, it made me cry but in a very good way!

From the mother of a Canadian Soldier just home from his second tour in Afghanistan.

Robert Ironside

November 21, 2009

Having just seen your efforts/story on Global BC,and having checked your website,I have NEVER been so moved by one single effort for so many . While I have never served,I am,as my late father John Fredrick IRONSIDE,Leading Telegraphist Canadian Navy(HMCS Sackville)WW2,proclaimed,FIERCELY/PROUDLY CANADIAN . Listening too your tribute I could not help but flash back ,complete with "tears of joy" for my dad,and FOR ALL CANADIANS who have done/do SO VERY MUCH,so that I may enjoy the freedoms that I do as a FIRECELY PROUD CANADIAN . Again,Mr. LeClair,I salute you,I say THANK YOU!! .

I think,as my dad looks down from up above,I can convey for him a Thank You....."To Dennis Leclair!--Hip Hip Hooray!--Hip Hip Hooray!!--HIP HIP HOORAY!!! .

Heather Davis

November 14, 2009

I was privileged to have experienced Dennis' performance at the True Patriot Love Gala in Toronto. All of the folks at my table rose to their feet and toasted the song as it began. Way to go. So exciting!
Great that you were able to have some quality face time with some VIPs while you were there. Maybe someone will empty their pockets and help this project out. Keep your fingers crossed and don't give up on your dream. You've only just begun (hey, good title for a song...).

Glad I was able to help in some small way.

Tim & Ramona Langevin

November 13, 2009

Dennis, having met you and listened to your song to the Troops, my wife Ramona and I can't thank you enough for putting your own time, resources, finances and creative dedication into this project.

Living in Canada it is simply to easy to take for granted our lifestyle, quality of life, freedom of choice and general security that these brave men and women of our Canadian Forces sacrifice so much for, to provide us!

It is truly inspiring to find a fellow Canadian that has taken it to heart on behalf of all Canadians to thank our Troops & their Families and to represent in song the sacrifices that they make!

We congratulate you and thank you sincerely for your graciousness and support!

Tim & Ramona Langevin

Cole Ritz

November 12, 2009

I am proud to know someone who served overseas in our fight to restore peace in the middle east. I hope to serve with the Canadian Air Force, I am currently in Air Cadets, 779 Black Knight SQN

cynthia pereira

November 11, 2009

I wish all our troops a safe return...I've been on the overpass to say good-bye too many times....please come home safe and thank you for risking your lives for me and my family to live free and safe....

John & Geri Helmer

November 11, 2009

Thinking of everyone today on this Remembrance Day & sending our love.


November 10, 2009

I just want to say how SO very much I appreciate what you are doing for our country and I hope you all come home soon safe and healthy!!

Lynne Hatcher

November 10, 2009

My son is in Afghganistan, and I want to thank all of our Canadian Troops for the job they are doing! I am so PROUD of all of you! May God be with you all,as you are in our hopes and prayers to come home safe!

Mort Nielsen

November 10, 2009

I am retired military and it is nice to have a song for us

Gordon Newman

November 10, 2009

May God continue to ride with you and walk with you and protect you. You truly make me proud to say I am a Canadian born and bred. This song touched me in more ways than words could ever express.

God Bless You One and All


November 10, 2009

Great song .. expresses our sentiments.

Denise Gull

November 10, 2009

What a beautiful song Dennis!! It is a wonderful tribute to Our Canadian Soldiers, past, present and future. As my husband is in the Canadian Forces, and to soon be deployed, they all need our love and support. Thank you for all you do and I pray for all our Soldiers to come home safely.
Thank you for all you do Dennis and that you continue to do for our Canadian Soldiers,


Jim Highsted

November 9, 2009

Thank you Dennis. Wonderful song and a worthy cause. I listen and I say thanks to my Grandfathers, my uncles, my mom and dad, my brother and my son. All of whom have served or are serving Canada.

Suzanne Morgan

November 9, 2009

You are not forgotten, I support you now and when you come home.

Barbara Turner

November 8, 2009

Having two sons in the military and one returned (thankfully) from Afghanistan last year, I am so moved by this beautiful song. I work in a school & will suggest your video & song for our Nov 11 ceremony. Thank you for all the hard work & dedication to our troops!

D.Murray MacKenzie

November 8, 2009

I am a veteran and wish to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. LeClair for his initiative in producing this commemoration. I wanted to place an order for numerous CD/DVD's to be mailed directly to the recipients addresses, but paid for by me, but I could find no avenue to accomplish this. Please advise me as to how to accomplish this. I would like to get these out by the end of the month if possible. Many thanks and God Bless.

Russell Stirrett

November 8, 2009

Great Song!! Hopefully an arrangement for bagpipes will come soon.

Denise Tessier

November 4, 2009

Thanks so much for sending the updated version – how beautiful. I have goosebumps. Please share with Dennis how touched I am, having lived in a military community and now my daughter is engaged to a trooper so it means a lot.
I would like to send this to ALL our 270 Chartwell homes across Canada and encourage them to play it on remembrance day as well. We have many families who are oversees fighting for our freedom and I am sure they would be touched to know we care enough to think of them especially on this day!

Debbie Halstead

October 5, 2009

Re: To Our Canadian Troops song project


ABSOLUTELY beautiful!! God bless ALL of our troops - Canadian as well as American. My heart goes out to them & their families & I just pray to God every night to bring them back safely to their families. I prayed for my son, as well, but God obviously had a different path for him to follow. I miss him more than words can ever describe and will love him until the day I die. I will take this with me to my grave. It's wonderful people such as yourself that keep their memories & my memories alive. Thanks for all you do!!!

God bless you,

Debbie Halstead
Proud Mother of a Fallen Soldier

Michael James

September 16, 2009

I appreciate your efforts to support our troops and veterans. I have received services from the military families fund so it is good to see that this organizatoin is being supported by your project. Thanks again for the great song.

Donna Schmidt

July 23, 2009


Rebecca Starr

July 9, 2009

Stand with our Soldiers! Wonderful tribute to our men and women in the Armed Forces. Thank you from a Canadian Military Family. We are so proud of of our soldiers:)Thanks for the support!

Natalie Mcdowell

July 7, 2009

That was a beautiful song Dennis! I'm very glad that you are supporting our troops! We not only want to support those that have fought for our country to give us past, present and future peace, but those that are continuing to fight and those that have past on...Our hearts our with all the families that have suffered a loss and those that continue to suffer! We also want to support those families that are left behind when there loved ones are away in war!
I had the previlage to go to high school with David Byers, he was a very good person!
My boyfriend is also in the military, and this song has moved me to be more supportive of him and all our troops!
Thanks Dennis

Nadine Ripley Stanford

July 7, 2009

I can't wait to get a copy of this CD every time I lisen to it I cry and it helped me the last 3 months of the tour my husband was away in Afghanistan. Dennis this is the best thing anyone could do for us that are at home waitting for our loved ones to come home safe and it is nice to know that someone out there took time out of there lives to do this for us Military people. I can't wait to get my copy.
Dennis Thank you, you will always be in my heart.

Dianne Neufeld

July 4, 2009

I was deeply moved after listening to your song. Another one of our dedicated troops has just been killed in Afghanistan. I wrote a letter to Jon Manchester, editor of the Daily Courier and hope he publishes it. I hope this song will be played during funerals/ memorial services for our fallen heroes.I would love to be involve with your project in whatever way I can.

Dianne Leclair

July 4, 2009

As the sister of Dennis Leclair I find it necessary to express my gratitude to my brother Dennis who has worked so hard on behalf of our troops.
His talent and his heartfelt dedication to this project has touched the lives of many and will continue to do so. Thankyou Dennis, I am so proud of what you have done and are doing to better the lives of others.


July 3, 2009

What a BEAUTIFUL song. May every Canadian get a chance to hear this song at least once. We forget what the troops are missing, besides their family but their friends. Brought tears to my eyes.

Marilynn Blackmore

July 2, 2009

I have a great niece and her fiancee has just come back from Afghanistan. They had a baby boy on Feb. 26.

In my family my Dad was in WW2, my Grandfather in WW1, my brother was listed from age 16 to age 49. Two of his sons are in the army as well. They have spent time in Cosovo.

Your song is very nice and a great tribute to the troops.

Thank you

Sharon Gysen

July 2, 2009

Beautiful tribute to our troops. Thank you for this great work for them. As the mother of one of the troops anything that tells a little bit about what they give up for us is amazing. Thank you so much.
God bless you

Blair Murray

July 2, 2009

Hi Dennis,
What an amazing song by an amazing man. It gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes! As the son of a WW II veteran who was also a long-time member of the Canadian Armed Forces the heart-felt words and beautiful tune are so very special. Thank You Dennis. I truly hope this tribute spreads across our great country so that we can let our Military men and women know how much their sacrifices mean to us.

Blair Murray

Sheila Dodds

July 2, 2009

Thank You....for you love and your own sense of duty as being a very proud Canadian...I strongly support our troops and have been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion ladies Auxiliary. It warms my heart to hear your song with our Kelowna children.
Most sincerely,
Sheila Dodds


July 2, 2009

What a beautiful song and tribute. Not many Canadian songs can make me respond in tears. This one did. I love the excitement of the little one at the end. God Bless You.

J.E. Bousquet

July 2, 2009

Beautiful. To our Soldiers - hope you are home soon.

Linda J Mooney

July 2, 2009

Thank you and may God Bless You All. We are Canadians and it is our priviledge not our right to live in the most beautiful Country in the World. This is because of each and everyone of you that risk your lives to keep us safe and free.

Patricia Horan

June 19, 2009

I have a son in the PPCLI he has served two deployments in Afghanistan and one in Bosnia. I am very proud of my son. He is a true soldier. Just like his grandfather from Newfoundland who served in the first world war and was injured and saved one of his fellow soldiers by carring him out on his back while holding onto his own injured stomach. Grandpa believd just as my son belives that everyone deserves a chance of freedom and happiness in this world. Through all the Canadian Soldiers of the first and second World War, who lost their lives and those who came back scarred mentally,physically spiritually and emotionally to give us Canadians Freedom and a safe place to live. Thank you on hehalf of all us Canadians who appreciate these Canadian men and women from the bottom of our hearts for their Great Sacrifices. This is why our young men and women are over in Afghanistan today to try to make a better life for these people. Thank you. Patricia Horan


June 18, 2009

Dennis it's AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of you & to be able to say I know you. The world needs more people like you... That put so much in things they believe in to help or better others.

Private Sean Adam McKay

June 16, 2009

Hello Sir,
You had spoken with my mother, Beth McKay, on the telephone through the Canadian Tire Customer Service line. She had told me about your conversation and the wonderful CD that you are putting together in support for our Troops. Listening to a sample of your songs fills me with great joy and I wanted to send you a heart-felt thank you for your fantastic efforts in organizing such a massive project.
I give you a whole-hearted salute,
Pte McKay

Wendy Davenport

June 15, 2009

" To Our Canadian Troops" is an amazing song. Keep up the good work!

Adrienne Martel

May 26, 2009

This note is to express my appreciation
for your kindness in making these CDs of
wonderful music.I enjoy them greatly!
My prayers are with you for the success of
your mission of love.Thank you ever so much...Dennis! thinking of you,Adrienne

Sgt Donald Rose

May 21, 2009

Thank You for your Support


anywhere anytime

Teresa Gostola

May 20, 2009

It is wonderful to see you putting your heart into such a wonderful cause.


Jane Byers

April 20, 2009

Very nice song Dennis. You are right our troops do not have a song and when the die our media forgets their names and gives them a number. Keep up the good work.
Your truly
Jane Byers, Mother of Pte. David Byers, KIA Sept. 18, 2006. Home town Espanola, Ontario

Barbara Maskell (nee Bock)

April 14, 2009

Hi Dennis,

I believe you are a fellow Jessie Hamilton Public School classmate, if I have the correct Dennis Leclair.

Great site. I am very impressed with all your accomplishments and interests.

Thank you for the heartfelt tribute to our troops so they can benefit from your efforts.

Best of luck.

Barbara Maskell

Debbie Breit

April 6, 2009

Hi Dennis,
I just listened to the song you wrote "To Our Canadian Troops". The lyrics are so heartfelt. I'm sure everyone who has heard this song and yet to have heard it, will agree that it is truly a Godsend of encouragement for the troops, the families and the neighbours who feel for them, especially when they lose a loved one.
In McKerrow, we have lost one soldier..who grew up down the street from me...Glen Arnold and In Espanola, a friend of mine, Jane Byers, who lost a son David Byers. They were both in a group handing candy out to the Afghan children, when an old man on a bike approached them, waving, supposedly to his family, then blew himself up along with Glen, David and another soldier that day. This happened a few years ago. We all felt their pain. I was at both funerals and to see the soldiers carrying the caskets is surreal. They are just young boys and I mean young. Yet, they bravely continue on. They all need our prayers and support. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. The computer is a great place to start.
I also heard some of your other songs and there's one in particular I really like, "Rhythm of My Heart". So keep on writing from your heart and the music notes will follow.

God Bless You,
Love and Hugs, Debbie :-}

p.s. I just think this is a wonderful thing you are doing for our Country. God Bless Canada!

Sarah Paige

March 28, 2009

Hi Dennis, what can I say? "To Our Canadian Troops" is amazing. Being a fellow supporter, future Canadian Forces member, and a friend of many members already, Thank You for that song. Proud Canadian and very Proud of our Men and Women in unifrom. :)
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