Troop Song Performance at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa

(Okanagan Sunday Staff - Kelowna Daily Courier May 2, 2010) Kelowna musician Dennis Leclair will perform his tribute song, To Our Canadian Troops, in Ottawa with the Central Band of the Canadian Forces at the National Arts Centre for MusicFest May 18th. The performance in the Southem Hall is for 2500 music educators and band performers. MusicFest involves more than 10,000 musicians from across Canada. "This is truly an honour and a privilege to be granted this opportunity," said Leclair. In addition, the band arrangements of To Our Canadian Troops have been accepted for distribution to schools Canada wide by St. John's Music, he said. " I am moving closer to the goal of developing our song as the Canadian anthem for our Canadian Forces, their families and our veterans worldwide. Canada does not have such a song, and this performance at the National Arts Centre and the distribution with St. John's Music is a significant step forward". Leclair is donating all profits from the commemorative CD and the band music to three military charities: The Military Families, Soldier On and the Hospital Comfort funds. Leclair also performed the song for Prime Minister Harper and 1800 dignitaries and guests on Nov. 10 at the True Patriot Love Dinner Gala held at the Toronto Convention Centre.