The recording and production of “To Our Troops” involved Kelowna’s finest musicians including Rachel Matkin, Scott Gamble, Jim Ryan, Derek Turvey, Bob Gabelhouse and Kris Watts. In addition I would like to thank Jacqueline and Olivia Gablehouse for their spoken words as mother and daughter on the song "To Our Canadian Troops". Special thanks to Wanda Fafard for coordinating and managing all aspects of the "To Our Canadian Troops" commemorative CD song project, to Bob Gablehouse of Big Audio Productions for his engineering, mixing, mastering and productions skills and the choir of Anne McClymont Elementary School for their dedicated practise and amazing performance on background vocals of "To Our Canadian Troops". This tribute song project was enthusiastically embraced by Principal Brenda Leimert and choir directors Kathy Tisher and Sandra Creightney. The advanced instrumental and instrumental/vocal versions of "To Our Canadian Troops" was performed by the Naden Band of Maritime Forces Pacific under the direction of Commanding Officer, Lt(N) Robert Byrne. Arrangement and back-up vocals by Captain (ret) Heather C. Davis. The engineering and recording of these versions was completed by Zak Cohen of The Woodshop Studio in Duncan BC. Jiri Bakala of Ascent films Inc. and Bob Gabelhouse of Big Audio Productions completed the sound track editing. Thank you for your purchase of this special tribute CD and for supporting the Military Families Fund, our Canadian Forces, their families and our Veterans world wide. Sincerely, Dennis leclair”