(Press Release) A Salute to our Canadian Troops …a timely interview for July 1

Canada Day will mark the official launch of a major initiative to raise awareness and funds for our Canadian soldiers and their families. Dennis Leclair, a songwriter and recording artist, will be performing a special musical tribute – a song titled: “To Our Canadian Troops” - with the Kelowna City Band under the direction of Captain (Ret) Heather Davis. Leclair wrote the song after he watched a deeply moving broadcast last November showing the faces and names of every person that had been killed in Afghanistan. Determined to help, his goal is to get upwards of 450,000 copies of a commemorative CD (containing the song as well as personal messages from prominent Canadians) into the hands of each member of our Canadian forces, their family members, military personnel and veterans worldwide. The CD can be purchased on behalf of a military family or for personal use, and all proceeds from this project will go to the Canadian Military Families Fund. Leclair has already received widespread backing for the project from the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency, General Rick Hillier, former Chief of Defence staff and many others. “This is a very special and heartfelt project that I hope Canadians embrace as our anthem for our Canadian troops – for them to come home safely”, shares Leclair as he invites people across the country to join him in thanking our troops. Dennis is a strong communicator who speaks with both passion and sincerity. Your listeners will be inspired as they hear an ordinary man who is going beyond the call of duty to help soldiers answering the call to duty.